The Thyatira Psalter Project

The Thyatira's Psalter Project

Enjoy these fascinating videos on the making of handwritten and illuminated manuscripts. Also, check out the Saint John’s Bible Project, one of the inspirations for Thyatira’s Psalter Project.
The Bible’s collection of Psalms, the poems and songs of ancient Israel, still captivate believers today. The images, emotions, and expressions of faith that make up the Psalms are important and timeless.

Yet, the majority of the 150 Psalms are often overlooked amidst both the great stories of the Bible as well as the more famous Psalms such at the 23rd or 51st.

The Thyatira Psalter Project allows the faithful of Western Rowan county to delve more deeply into this rich source of wisdom and faith.

The Psalter will be a handwritten collection of the Psalms that generations of Thyatirans will be able to enjoy.

Each participant (individual or family) will choose a Psalm and handwrite it on the specially formatted paper that is provided (along with instructions). The resulting pages will be bound together in a volume that can be used in worship or study.

To participate, please contact Pastor Stacey at 704-245-8100 or send us a message.